Portable dew point manufacturer Range : -60 to +30 Deg C

Portable Dust Monitor PM Monitor is used to monitor the suspended Particulate concentration in the air with measuring range 0.001mg/M3 to 10 mg/M3. It adopts optical scattering technique. This type of Product has many advantages, such as fast det

Bio Gas Analyser manufacturer Model ATS-202A is single of Multigas Portable Instrument for Bio Gas and process gas Analysis for various industries.

Portable Oxygen Gas Leak Detector Model ATS 101

Portable Dew point Meter Model ATS 301D

Portable Multi Gas Detector Model ATS 103M - Graphics Display , Sampling Diffusion Or Suction, Power Supply - Internal Ni-cad battery.

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Model AST 206A.With option to use pc interface, Data Logger, Integral Printer, Date & time Ideal for use In Laboratory and Plant.

Manufacture of portable & Online Dew Point MeterDew Point Range -80 to +30 Deg C Display : 128 x 64 Graphics Display Battery : Lithium rechargeable with battery Charger Option with Temp, Moisture & RH on same DisplayHigh Accurate & fast dew poin

Portable LPG Gas Leak Detector Model ATS 101MDisplay : 128 x 64 Graphics LCD Power Supply : lithium Rechargeable battery Response Time: 30 seconds at 95% variation.Operating Temperature: -5 to 55deg.CParameters Measured :Sensor :Catalyti

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