Manufacture of portable & Online Dew Point MeterDew Point Range -80 to +30 Deg C Display : 128 x 64 Graphics Display Battery : Lithium rechargeable with battery Charger Option with Temp, Moisture & RH on same DisplayHigh Accurate & fast dew poin

Portable Dew point Meter Model ATS 301D

Dew Point Meter manufacturer in India

Portable dew point manufacturer Range : -60 to +30 Deg C

Online Continuous Emission Gas Analyzer - 208AOperating Temperature Gas : 0-250 Deg C Sensor Probe : SS 316 Response Time : InstantaneousDuct Width: 25mm to 2.5 Meter Sensor Length : 100 or 200 mm or (Customize) Sensor Diameter : 15mm Param

Fuel Efficiency Analyser with Data Logger & Computer Interface Stack Gas Analyser with 1200 Deg C Temperature probePower Supply: Lithium Rechargeable Battery Display : 128 x 64 Graphics Display Parameter Measured : O2, CO, CO2, Sox, NOx, Efficien

Online Gas Analyser with real time data transmission to Central Pollution Control Board.Stack Emission Analyser Approved By TUV Stack Monitoring Systems with Remote Calibration as per CPCB Guidelines.Parameter Measured HF, PM, SOx, NOx, CO, CO2 &

Portable Oxygen Gas Leak Detector Model ATS 101

Portable Multi Gas Detector Model ATS 103M - Graphics Display , Sampling Diffusion Or Suction, Power Supply - Internal Ni-cad battery.

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