Manufacture of portable & Online Dew Point MeterDew Point Range -80 to +30 Deg C Display : 128 x 64 Graphics Display Battery : Lithium rechargeable with battery Charger Option with Temp, Moisture & RH on same DisplayHigh Accurate & fast dew poin

Portable Dew point Meter Model ATS 301D

Portable dew point manufacturer Range : -60 to +30 Deg C

Portable Oxygen Gas Leak Detector Model ATS 101

Portable Multi Gas Detector Model ATS 103M - Graphics Display , Sampling Diffusion Or Suction, Power Supply - Internal Ni-cad battery.

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Model AST 206A.With option to use pc interface, Data Logger, Integral Printer, Date & time Ideal for use In Laboratory and Plant.

Dew Point Meter manufacturer in India

Gas Monitor/Transmitter Model ATS 109TD EX / Flameproof.Display- Inbuilt 0.5" LCDOutput- 4-20 mA Linear, Relay, /0-1 Volts DC (V)/ RS232/RS 485

LEL Gas Sensor with Transmitter Model ATS 109TD Display : Seven Segment RED LEDLED indication Warn, Alarm, Trouble Power supply: 230V AC Reset Switch Alarm setting

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