Multi Chanel Gas Mon

Multi Point Leak Detector

INR 25500

Multi Chanel Gas Monitor Model ATS-107M is Multi channel gas Monitor for environmental Monitoring and Leak detection. The ATS-107M is an economical, yet versatile Multi channel controller with the features needed for monitoring a remote 4-20 mA gas sensor/transmitter or similar device. The instrument provides 24 VDC power, audio/visual alarms, alarm relays and other features. The ATS-107M is easy to install, designed for wall mounting and completely programmable from the front panel membrane switches. Accept Multi 4-20 mA Input from Remote Sensor/Transmitter. Specifications: Principle: Electrochemical, Solid State Semiconductor Catalytic and PID Range: PPM/PPB or mg/M3 Resolution: 0.1 Unit or 1 Unit (Application based) Sampling Method: Diffusion Display: 128 X 64 Graphics LCD Alarm; Relay Contact NO+NC Analog outPut: 4-20mA Digital outPut: RS 232, RS 485 and Modbus Communication Protocol Power Source: 230V AC Accuracy: +/2% Response Time: <5 Second Data Storage: 1000 or 10000 Sensor Life: 2-3 Years Environmental: Temperature:-15degree Celsius Humidity :< 85%RH Atmosphere Pressure: 86- 106Kpa Dimension in mm: 210 (W) X 180(H) X 110(D) Weight: 1.2 KG Warranty: One Year

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