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Fixed Type Sulfar Di

Fixed Sulfur Dioxide Gas Leak Monitor - Model ATS 105M

INR 36500

Fixed Type Sulfar Dioxide Gas Leak Monitor - Model ATS 105M The Monitor is a single Gas Multipurpose monitor that combines simplicity and high performance in a low cost,low maintenance package.The rugged NEMA 4X or 7x assembly is suitable for a variety of industrial , commercial and general purpose applications to monitor HAZARDOUS,Toxic gases or oxygen in process Flue Gas or Ambient Air. Special Features: Fast and accurate response, Long Life Application Specific Gas Sensor, Technologies, Solid State Electronics, Continuous Monitoring,Two Alarm Levels, Fail Safe Protection, Recorder Output, Integral or Remote Mounting Sensor, Un-attended Operation, Sampling by Diffusion or sample Draw Pump.Flexibility to fit your application needs, Interfaces with Industry Standard Tranmitters. Specification: Minium Resolution: 0.1 or 1 unit of the range Indication: Digital Continuous Mounting: wall Sensor Technology: Appropriate to Application Detection Method: Diffusion / Sample Draw Pump Accuracy: +/- 2% Linearity: +/- 2% Relative Humidity: 0-99 % Non-condensing Response Time: ( 90% in 10 seconds) singal Output for Recorder: 0- IV,420 mA (Optional) Alarm Setting: High and very High Adjustable over full range AlarmCircuits: SPDT 5 AMP 220V Contacts Controls: Zero , Span, Alarm setting

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